Website Tools

Building Pro Websites designs, builds, and host websites specifically for the Construction Industry. Our websites not only look good, they also offer a full range of tools. The following is a list of tools that can be included on each of our websites. These tools are only available on Business Pro Websites.

The Contact Administrator makes collecting and viewing customer information easy. It includes website forms for collecting user data such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. In addition, it automatically notifies the website owner via an email when someone has registered on the site. The email contains all of the information that the user entered. In addtion, all of the information is saved in a secure database for later use.
The Floorplan Search tool gives you website visitors an easy way to search through the floorplans that you offer. They can easily choose their search criteria (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, etc) and see the list of you plans that meet their requirements. Note: You can easily add new floorplans with our administration tools.
The Upgrade Guide provides you customers with a convenient way to view the possible upgrades that you provide (for example: granite counter tops, premium appliances, etc). We can even allow your customers the ability to calculate the cost of any number of combinations of upgrades. Note: You can easily add new upgrades with our administration tools.
The Subdivision Sales Module is a must need tool for subdivision developers. This tool allows you to list all of the lots or homes in a development and to display their status (available, sold, under contract, etc.). The module will also show a map of the development and driving directions. Note: You can have 1 or more subdivisions.
The majority of customers will be financing some portion of their new home. Our Mortgage Calculators will give your customers a tool that helps them determine which of your home plans and upgrades they can afford.
The Marketing Toolchest collection of email tools are our most popular. They allow website owners the ability to create a reusable email template and email it to all of the email addresses that they have collected in their own database of leads (LeadTracker). This allows are website owners to easily and quickly communicate with both existing and potential customers free of charge.
The Lockbox allows you to create secure sections of your website for providing information, or files (word documents, spreadsheets, graphics, forms, etc.) to your employees or customers.
The Service Directory list the name and a detailed description for each service that your company offers on the website for visitors to read. The tool allows you the ability to easily choose from a list of standard services (such as residential construction, remodeling, commercial construction, etc) and then modify the text to meet your company's needs.
The Photo Gallery tools allow you the ability to create galleries (for example: homes you built, development projects, remodeling projects, etc.) and then quickly upload pictures from you PC over the Internet. You can also manage the images on the site by making them Active (they appear on the website) or Inactive (they do not appear on the website) and you can change the gallery for a picture.
The Link Master is one of our most flexible tools. Website owners often require the ability to quickly and easily add links (to websites, articles, etc.) to their websites. The Link Master offers you the ability to add and edit links online including News, FAQ, and Useful Links. By adding links to your website, you are able to provide updated information and a service to your visitors.
Referrals are one of the best ways to attract new customers. Our Refer-A-Friend tool gives your existing customers an easy way to refer your business to their friends and family. They can visit your website and give the phone number and email address of their friend/family member. Our tool will send that person an email with a link back to your website. It will also store their contact information in a database for future use. You will also be able to track referals. You can use this information if you choose to provide incentives for your customers.
The Job Scheduler allows you the oportunity to schedule jobs online. A website visitor is provided with an online form for work request. You will be notified via email when a work order has been submitted. At that time, you can use the administration screens to respond to the customer, schedule the job, and assign resources (assign the job to an employee or employees).
The Job Viewer is a very useful sales tool. It allows online visitors that ability to find examples of your work (homes that you have built or remodeled). It displays a description, picture, and a map for work you have done in the past. Basically it is a high tech portfolio. Once the customer views a description and picture of a project, they can view a map to the location. If they are local, they will be able to drive to the location and see your work first hand.
We are constantly working to provide a comprehensive offering of online tools. But, it is impossible to include every tool that a business might need in a standard package. That is where our Custom Toolbox comes into play. The Custom Toolbox consist of specifically designed tools for your website. You provide us with the requirements of the tool (what you need it to do) and we will write the code to get the job done. It is just that easy.
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